Embedded Systems

In the electronics industry, the push toward complex systems has created the need for one company to provide comprehensive solutions. Sensonix offers a full range of electronic design services, from miniaturization of legacy designs to custom circuit development, from bare boards to complete packaged solutions. Recent projects have featured:

  • Solar powered battery charging systems
  • LED lighting drivers and flashers
  • Inertial navigation MEMS sensor interfaces
  • Analog and discrete sensor interfaces
  • Power managed sensors with digital interfaces
  • Precision A/D and D/A converters
  • Designs with latest generation SMT technology, including BGA, CSP, and chip-on-board (COB)
  • High efficiency DC-DC conversion
  • Low energy storage designs for hazardous environments
  • Designs to meet rigorous environmental and regulatory constraints, including UL, CSA, and CE

Sensonix employs in-house circuit designers, PCB layout experts, and manufacturing engineers so your development cycle is shortened while reliability of the design is improved.


This microprocessor based ultrasonic sensor was designed by Sensonix to operate at 3V and provide multiyear operation from standard batteries.