Wireless Design-ISM Bands

Sensonix is capable of designing and manufacturing wireless systems that operate from 125 kHz to 24 GHz. Let our experts save you time and raise your wireless product's performance by accessing the following capabilities:

  • Reference designs and device drivers for many popular ISM band radios
  • External low noise amplifier (LNA) and power amplifier (PA) integration for increased link margin
  • Antenna design and support solutions
  • Millimeter wave design and manufacturing capability
  • Radio tuning and pre-certification services
  • In-house GTEM chamber and a wide range of RF test equipment
  • Extensive experience with global radio homologation and certification including: FCC, Industry Canada, Mexico, Brazil, European Union, Japan, Taiwan, India, China, Australia/New Zealand, South Africa and countries in the Middle East
  • In-house module manufacturing and production testing
  • Design and manufacturing experience with advanced substrate materials - e.g. Rogers, Arlon & Taconic - including impedance controlled wire bonding


902-928 MHz FHSS drop-in radio modules with external low noise amplifier and 1 Watt power amplifier.

Sensonix is a full service solution provider for everything from power managed wireless network design to data backhaul; from prototype design to volume production. Contact