Advanced Packaging

Need to Miniaturize Your Design?

Our technology group can shrink your design by choosing from a broad range of advanced packaging techniques. Any combination of bare die, bumped die and discrete surface mount components are interconnected with a high performance substrate, redistributed to solder bumps, leads or landings, and if desired, encapsulated. This approach allows more flexibility, quick time to market, and often an equivalent integration density when compared to a system on a chip (SOC) approach. Each function is implemented in its most appropriate process technology. These techniques can be extended for RF applications by using advanced laminate substrates such as Rogers ™, Taconic ™ or Arlon ™ in the multi-chip module.

Design, Substrate and Technology Options:
  • System in a package (SIP)
  • Laminate multi-chip module (MCM-L)
  • Ceramic multi-chip module (MCM-C)
  • Chip-scale package (CSP)
  • Die Stacking
  • FR4
  • Flex
  • Rigid Flex
  • Rogers ™
  • Taconic ™
  • Arlon ™

    Whatever your packaging needs we can work with you to provide an enclosure you can rely on.


    Chip on board (COB) with SMT components combine to form custom hybrid modules.