Concept Exploration

Sensonix partners with its customers to understand the end application that will ultimately determine requirements for a custom IC. Through concept exploration, Sensonix can assist customers with technological risk assessment and design tradeoff considerations for transitioning their concept into silicon.

Exploration may utilize the customer's existing product or prototype designs. As needed, Sensonix can further refine IC requirements using in-house proof of concept PCBs and assemblies.

When the concept may be dependant upon characteristics of the fabrication process, or must consider the capability to transition certain technologies into silicon, Sensonix can prototype early design concepts in the target process through the design and management of multi-project engineering wafers.

Even before exploring the concept in hardware, Sensonix can assist with system level analysis using behavioral computer modeling/simulation.


Many customers have chosen to manage risk by utilizing our in-house PCB prototyping service to iterate their concept before committing to silicon.