Foundries and Services

Sensonix maintains relationships with several pure-play wafer manufacturing foundries, providing 0.18 um to 4 um CMOS, BiCMOS, bipolar and SOI process technologies with options including high voltage transistors, integrated photodetectors and embedded non-volatile memory.

If the processes offered by these foundries do not meet your design objectives, Sensonix can develop new relationships with foundries having identified process technologies.

Should silicon prototyping be applicable to your project, Sensonix can manage multi-project wafer (MPW) runs in the targeted process, or submit individual designs to IC fabrication services or foundries with dedicated MPW services.

Sensonix serves as your foundry manager, submitting the design database, ordering mask tooling, engineering and production wafers, and coordinating backend wafer processing.


Whether singulated die or production wafers, Sensonix can support your IC in low or high volume production.